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I wouldn't worry about the muffler...

1.) motorcycles (esp. carbureted) usually smell a being outside can make you smell a little bit from exposure to all the elements...there's just no way you're perfectly clean unless you're fully enclosed (like in cage). Being on a bike is about getting rid of that extra layer of metal so you can be out in the open... you'll just have to get used to it

2.) I don't know anything about design, but I imagine suzuki motorcycle designers setup the exhaust to be on the bike safely, without any harm to the rider. Whether it be heat, or the potentially cancerous exhaust fumes, I trust being on your bike is safe enough from an exhaust standpoint from the factory. I highly doubt any modification from yourself will do anything but make it louder.

for the rear suspension guy - did you already increase the prelead on the rear shock? my bike's still new to me, but I did see a preload adjustment on the shock. I know it's theoretically *just* used to set the sag (the amount springs compress from full topped out to fully loaded) correctly, but in a real world rider can be used to set the rear higher for heavier riders and "stiffen up the rear"

in my humble opinion - set the sag (and maybe swap out the springs to one with a higher spring rate) and be done with it. Suzuki (as with all motorcycle design) designed the suspension so that it compresses properly when bumps hit it from below, and so that it extends properly when you ride over drops in the road or when you're in the swapping shocks from different bikes, you mess up all that design and potentially make the handling worse or just outright dangerous. Fact is, we're not smart enough how to make it "better". The only people that can, are suspension guys, and that will cost about $1,500 to do right...more than the bike is worth; and in the end you have a 13hp air cooled bike that still can't go...if you want more suspension, get a DRZ400!

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