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Originally Posted by BanhXeo View Post
I seem to be doing something wrong here and though I am sure there is a very simple solution..I cannot find it. I Create a route in Basecamp. It auto routes for me. Then I transfer to the unit and the "route" is 1 straight line or a series of straight lines. I believe I am looking for a "auto route" button on the unit itself but all I see is activity profiles and "direct Routing". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you configure your Routing Settings on the Montana similar to the Routing settings in BaseCamp (i.e, the same Activity and Avoidances) you should find that the Montana will behave the way you expect it to.

In this case you used an Along-road Routing Activity in BaseCamp to create your Route. It would appear from your description that you have your Montana Routing Activity set to Direct Routing. Try using the Automotive Activity or Motorcycle Activity and see what your Route does then.

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