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more riding - this thing is such a fun urban adventure bike. It takes me everywhere the XR100 couldn't even now I use it on the way to the gym, to pickup milk, and even to drop off small amounts of laundry

I live in Long Beach California where all the speeds are 40mph and below..which is *just* fast enough to pass cars, but not too slow where you can't open her up

Finally got the wheel a little higher today (usually it's a 6"-1 foot off the ground...this time I started to shift the the center of gravity towards the rear) in 1st gear...for me all dirt bikes feel like wheelie machines, and this is no exception.

I read online from a review magazine, that they felt the rear brake was either lockup or nothing, but I was able to actuate it a little bit. As a matter of fact, it only locked on pavement when really started to mash it. Scrubbing the tires is definitely giving it more traction, but I don't imagine it's going to help at all off-road...

still need to change the petcock, oil, and maybe even consider getting bars without this weird enduro bend...

100 miles down...400 to go to start using more throttle!
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