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Originally Posted by MN_Smurf View Post
IS-3/IS-8/IS-7 sale posted and confirmed for the NA server......Tier 10, here I come.....
Still enjoying my JS-3....not real sure if I do want to move up....I have about 100K XP to the next tank...just not real sure if it is going to be worth it.

I do know from my last step up with the T54 and the Patton....OMG I just can't get the hang of the patton....I bet I die in 90% of the games....painful....and I lose money every time I take it out. T54...I do pretty well in....go figure.

I had a few pretty good games in the Type 64 last night....50k silver is a nice payday for doing so little can really crank up the silver in that tank.....think I have it figured out now.
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