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Originally Posted by 2whl-hoop View Post
Not that anyone asked, but here's my $.02 on Strava: I like it and will keep using it to log rides. I like being able to see the ride charted out and being able to share it. The competitive aspect of it though, I could do without, and I wish there was a way of disabling that part of it. Maybe there is and I just haven't figured it out...either way, I'm not racing so I don't care where my times wind up in relation to anyone else's, and I definitely don't ride with Strava as a motivation.
There is a 'Private' setting in Strava that you might want to look into. It may do exactly what you want. Either way, you're under no obligation to use Stava 'competitively'. If you don't want to compare your times to anyone else's, just ignore the other times.
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