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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
I do know from my last step up with the Patton....OMG I just can't get the hang of the patton....I bet I die in 90% of the games....painful....and I lose money every time I take it out.
+1 My problem is I play it like a heavy. I should play it like a supporting passive scout. I like playing it and have fun, but I need to run my Church 3 or French arty for a few battles to make up the credits, even with a win. I transfer my crew from my Super Pershing back and forth.

I'm almost certain that I won't evet get a tier 10 anything. I can't afford to run em

I installed the mod pack that was posted earlier, the only things that took were Jimbo's reticle, the advanced mini map and I get pre-battle stats. No colors or any of the other stuff.
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