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I think Honda is going after (what they see as) untapped markets.

New riders and Geezers (low seat height and automatic)

As one of the latter and also a short guy - each year (day?) throwing a leg over a bike is more difficult and hurts more. Leaning forward onto my wrists at all is painful after a very short time. This could be a motorcycle that keeps guys like me riding for a few more years. (Though scooters - for me - work better)

I believe Honda feels this bike will be a non-intimidating bike for new riders since they can put both feet on the ground and not have to learn to operate a clutch while also learning to ride.

I think clearly this is a compromise bike and not intended for the general market of riders. I applaud Honda for thinking out side the box. Lord knows there are enough Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Touring machines etc. out there for the general market.
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