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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
Kreem is obsolete. It's not resistant to today's gas. About the only two liners that will work today are POR-15 or Caswell.
Originally Posted by bwringer View Post
Agreed. Kreem is krap.

I've seen people get excellent results with the POR15 and Caswell kits. I think I might have heard once of a Kreem job that didn't quickly fail, but I was mistaken.

POR15 even sells a version of their motorcycle tank kit that includes a solvent that will remove a failed Kreem liner. If you can read and follow simple instructions to the letter, you can do it.
At this point, I really just want to punch Kreem in the face. And whomever did this half-assed job of it. I'm over Kreem and rust. Out of my tank they must go!
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