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Originally Posted by catneck View Post
Clarence is afraid, took a few tries to get him next to, much less into into the car. Next I will try to overcome his fear of the noise. Baby steps.
Hi Catneck- nice rig, nice ol' pooch. I started my dog Fred out just by coaxing him into the sidecar at the start of and return of our daily walks. I'd pull back the cover, sit on the back and lure him in with a treat, then pet him and talk to him. Then we'd go for a walk. When we got back, same thing. We did this for a month or so, until he would jump right in.

Then i started putting him in there and clipping him in the harness, and i sat on the bike. Talked to him, petted him, etc. Did that for a couple weeks. Eventually I would start and let the bike run at idle, and after a few days of that we went for a ride. He's only been now four or five times, but he jumps right it and even points his nose so i can put the Doggles on him!

I've only tooled around my residential neighbor so far, and not very fast. One thing we do is occasionally stop and visit with people in the neighborhood. We also go to the park and to the sandwich shop, where he gets a treat. When people wave, sometimes we pull over, and they pet Fred. He loves attention! It's all positive reinforcement that he associates with riding in the sidecar.

Eventually I'll take him out on bigger roads at higher speeds.

Oh yeah- I take the seat out of the car. I leave the back in, but without the seat, the dog can sit lower in the tub, and I think he feels more secure, and his feet can grip the mat in the bottom better than if he's perched higher up on the seat.

Hope this is helpful. I'm sure Clarence will get the hang of it!
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