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No pressure, lol. The LAST thing you want to do until you are sure of the bike you want and you can afford it is to test ride a nice European bike. You come back with a big $hit eating grin and the dealer knows he has you. You ride home on the new bike, hands down.

It is better to be sure before you test ride one. You will always be weak after a test ride. BMW dealers do this all the time with their dinosaur $20K bikes. Later it will be for sale at a fire sale price.

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No Pressure, buy the one you want most. But at least go ride one, that is what sealed the deal for me!

The MOSS fueling issue is an easy fix-- takes a few minutes and free. In my experience the fueling issue sorted itself out once the bike had a few miles on it. After the first 150 miles the fueling got smooth as butter, no stalls, I guess the ECU adapted? I think many of the owners who bought recently after the fueling update just need to relax and ride.

The fender is also fairly isolated and fully covered under warranty. Cheap insurance on the fender is the $14 Enduro Engineering plate adapter in place of the heavy factory unit. Even if you had to replace the fender yourself later down the line it's not an expensive item, bodywork on this bike is CHEAP! My Terra front end was under $60, and a replacement radiator guard was only $14. The stickers were expensive though so I skipped the front logo... $11 a piece
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