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Front wheel hop?

BTW, I put my road tires back on the bike, the trails that came with it, they're such a great tire for mostly road.

Did a mountain trip last weekend, couple'a hundred miles, and was getting the dreaded wheel hop out front. Leaned over at 30 or so it was pretty noticeable.

So when I got home I got my spoke wrench back out as I had "tuned" all the spokes when I did the tire change and thought maybe I had pulled the front rim out of true. Nope, not a waiver, nothing, nada. Tire is true, really close in balance (static).

Then I grabbed the fork legs at the bottom to check the head bearings and found quite a bit of play. Pulled off the top clamp and tightened the nuts and the play went away. Seems I have no more wheel hop now. Keep an eye on those head bearings. About 6K miles on the bike.
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