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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
Yes. It has to do with when typical boxes touch down. One box is usually further out than the other.

Just another little design touch that people don't notice in reviews.

Actually, I think it has nothing whatsoever to do with any boxes or side cases...

It has to do with the centerstand, and you can readily check this yourself. The centerstand won't touch down while cornering before the footpeg on the right side, so it gets no curb-feeler button. However, on the left side the if the curb-feeler button wasn't mounted to the footpeg the centerstand arm would touch down while cornering long before the footpeg, meaning you would get no warning before the centerstand levered your rear wheel off the ground and sent you crashing off into the bushes. With the curb-feeler button the left-peg touches down before the centerstand, giving you a warning that hard parts will hit soon that can cause a crash.

You can easily see it yourself by simply leaning your S-10 over each way in the driveway.

Just FYI...



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