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Originally Posted by jnclem View Post
If he'd done that in my back yard, it could have been a long, long way down. There was a Toyota pickup, 2 years ago I think, that went off a nearby pass. The guy lived, but the local rescue crew that went to the scene said you could see where he took the tops off of several large pines on the way down.

Back to the topic, no one much ever says anything to me when I'm stopped. But I finally got, "you look like an astronaut" from a woman at an office i had to stop at the other day. I thought, better than looking like a package of hamburger, but I just smiled and moved on.
July 4 when I was 16, I took my boss' granddaughter for a ride to my friend's house for a party, in my mom's car. Went right off a very similar drop, luckily a stump caught the car. I fell quite a few feet when I opened my door. Had her wave down the car that was coming around the bend. It was her parents.
Some things shouldn't be left like you found them.
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