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Originally Posted by assquatch20 View Post
July 4 when I was 16, I took my boss' granddaughter for a ride to my friend's house for a party, in my mom's car. Went right off a very similar drop, luckily a stump caught the car. I fell quite a few feet when I opened my door. Had her wave down the car that was coming around the bend. It was her parents.
LOL!! Reminds me of a story my dad tells from a job he was on a number of years ago.

We're both equipment operators working in the pipe industry. He was on a job 20 some odd years ago, ditch they were digging something like 7' or so wide and 18' deep. Some drunk guy comes blowing thru the road closed signs, drove straight at the ditch....and got stuck. Front bumper on one side and back bumper on the other. Guy was so drunk that he opened the door and stepped right on out. Luckily for him they hadnt laid the pipe yet but they had put down the sand bedding so he had a relatively soft landing. Talk about that first step being a duzy....
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