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Originally Posted by Tripletreat View Post
A dealer name at last! Thanks a bunch. Now, as long as I'm feelin' lucky, how about a dealer out west?
It'd be nice to save $600+ on shipping....
Or one in CA near LA? I got $6K for Strada in a link I posted here, and BMW of Long Beach gave $6K verbally, but $7.1K registered with taxes including $160 shipping, blah, blah, blah. I haven't got a total price from the $6K link posted on this link earlier.

I did not know $2.5K was for these models or the Terra alone. I assumed it would at first being the biggest, but it is just $1500 to $2500 and up to the gab of the dealers. If I got $6K total including taxes and register, I'd jump a lot more. As it is, I think I'll wait a little longer to my June 30, 2013 deadline before I make my mind up. Yes, it is the best bike made imo, but there is enough uncertainy unfolding by Pierer lately, that he scares me a little. I respect him more now, but i am afraid of him as a potential buyer like each and everyone of his employees.

$2500 discount? Done deal! $1500? It's still a buyers market, and there will be sales until they get rid of this backlog of bikes (accounting sales). Sales will get better and better until they advertise $2500 off (and then I will buy!) ymmv
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