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Originally Posted by kingby View Post
Dumb things we do.

Keep in mind I am learning as I go here and am fairly new at bike maintenance.

I guess I wasn't reading the manual carefully enough and managed to incorrectly adjust the chain tension (don't ask... way too tight... I am an engineer who reads plans and dimensions all day and still managed to read the diagram wrong). Promptly went out for about 200 miles of riding over the next couple of days. Some dirt, some road.

Anyway, I just have this feeling that I didn't adjust the chain correctly, and of course do some reading online, re-read the manual and sure enough, I have the chain way too tight. I also read about the catastrophic potential of riding with a tight chain. So now I am a little worried.

I don't think I damaged anything, the transmission still is working fine, no leaks from countershaft seal (at least from what I can tell), sprockets and chain look no worse for the wear, no play in wheel bearings, so I think I am OK.

I have re-adjusted the chain using the method in the manual (push the chain up towards swing-arm from a point 30mm back from the chain slider with 5mm clearance to the swing arm itself). Now I am second guessing myself that it is too loose. My last bike was a Honda 450X a few years back and I recall the chain being tighter than this.

Do KTM chains operate a little looser than other bikes? What is everyone's thoughts on possible damage done to the bike due to my nice tight chain run, that just hasn't appeared yet?
Usually when you adjust the chain to tight it stretches the chain un evenly . I would jack the rear wheel up . Rotate the wheel & check the chain tension in several different locations . If it goes from loose to tight , loose to tight . You have damaged your chain . If not , don`t worry about the rest .
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