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Originally Posted by HeatXfer View Post
You've done your homework: looks to be well thoughtout. Is there a cargo pant style in the future?
Thanks, glad to hear your feedback. We are currently solely focused with protective jeans at the moment. As we grow, we will be expanding the line.

Originally Posted by levain View Post
Wow. Impressive. Don't listen to the whiners about the price. These are a steal at your asking. $75 MSRP in Armor alone. Good luck with your venture.
Thank You!

Originally Posted by trapperj View Post
I got a pair on the way...I'll review them after a ride or two. Hopefully I won't test them out completely!
We cannot wait to hear your feedback

Originally Posted by obnoxious2 View Post
How do the armor in the jeans stay in place if one were to crash? Not to be a negative nancy but one of the reasons people wear the knee armor straps directly on the knee (though quite uncomfortable after awhile) is that if they fell the armor wouldn't move or shift.
Very simple. I myself wore knee/shin guards under my regular jeans when I went on casual rides, it was hot, uncomfortable, and the straps hurt after a few hours. The armor was also made of hard plastic, and I would look funny walking with it while off the motorcycle. It was some type of protection even though I had no abrasion protection.

We took a close examination at our competitors, our own protective riding pants, overpants etc.. we tested a few different options and we finally came up with our knee armor pocket carefully. Our knee armor pocket is made for the Forcefield armor. The armor clamps on to the velcro tightly to prevent vertical movement, and the pocket is just wide enough so there is no horizontal movement. The main problem we witnessed through research on knee armor placement, is that it moves within the pocket and the odd shapes do not help. It also does not sit correctly on the knee when you are sitting compared to when you are standing. The Forcefield armor is flat, and molds to your body as you move. So taking that into consideration, along with the straight leg fit of the jeans (no looseness or tightness) and you have a solid placement of the armor that will not move.
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