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Just in time for Spring

I added another page to the Geo-Referenced section.
No new download needed, it's just there.
It almost could replace many of the other wea functions.

From the home page, go to WEATHER then ADDITIONAL WEATHER then in the GeoRef@@ section:
"Current: Clouds, and high/low Temps
..then.. either zoom out for Satellite overlay OR tap the icon for WIND, Humidity and 4 Day forecast."

When you first open it, it will center on and show your current location (the AndyRoid biker) but you can drag it anyplace you wish..
(even up into Canada and Alaska).

At the default zoom level, the SAT view is hidden but if you zoom out the SAT view will get overlayed on the map.
Or, you can tap any of the "current temp/cloud/sun" icons (sun for day and moon for night) over any city and get the WIND, high/low temp forecast, Humidity and 4 Day forecast.


.. it should look something like this:
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