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Originally Posted by PunkinHead View Post
Well, I found out last night. I took my son skeet shooting for the first time and afterwards we went over to the rifle range to try out the 30-06. While pulling it out of the case he said, "uh oh, this is going to hurt". He was right. I thought the little Chinese carbine Mosin kicked... Guess I'll be buying a slip-on butt pad.

I'm also going to have to strip that thick, shiny finish Remington used. It makes the wood look like it's made of plastic. Why would they put that awful finish on such a nice gun?
I've got a little 20 gauge I'd like you to try if you think the mosins have some bite.

I bought a box of 100 high brass shells about 15 years ago. Still have most of em. Good god that thing's like hugging an angry mule.
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