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Originally Posted by Trane Francks View Post
Profundity is found by those who avail themselves to it. If one requires having one's ankle ravaged by a colony of fire ants to experience that profundity whilst his GS is mired in quicksand in some jungle, fine. Just know that the duration and destination are not even the remotest bit important. No matter what the destination, insight shall be found by those who seek it.

The reader, in turn, finds contradictions and similarities to his/her own life journey and, when availing him-/herself to profundity, can glean valuable lessons and inspiration. People read what attracts them. People are drawn to similar energies. "Like attracts like."

Condescension in judging how/where people find inspiration on their journey is very telling. It speaks more about you than it does them.

This. Now we need need to stop this hijacking of this thread and get back to listening to what AH has to say
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