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Originally Posted by Jonathan75 View Post
I admit i have not spent alot of time searching this thread, but I was wondering if any one had any input on riding any distance at all on this bike? I was talking to the dealer and he did not seem very confident at all about riding these very far on pavement. Any and all opinons would be very helpful, or if someone could point in the right direction to look.
Originally Posted by wsmc831 View Post
'Riding any distance' or 'riding very far' depends on ones point of view.

How often do you want to change the oil? Think 150hr top end, a valve check every 50 hours or so. It's not a streetbike, it's a dirtbike that is legal to ride on the street.
Originally Posted by Mifune View Post
Street riding the 500 EXC? I've ridden the 20 miles or so on the freeway between my dealer and home a couple if times. Not as bad as you might expect, but still pretty awkward, mostly because of the tires. I would not shy away from this as a way of connecting the trails, but I definitely would not want to commute to work on it, quite aside from the maintenance schedule.

These guys say it all. I just finished a nice 125 mile ride with about 20 miles of pavement.... I hate the pavement...even twisty country roads...but its necessary to get to the "good stuff" where the 5hunny does what it was designed to do... ride off road...

This is NOT a commuter scoot.... especially for around 9K...
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