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Originally Posted by Dismount View Post
I've got a little 20 gauge I'd like you to try if you think the mosins have some bite.

I bought a box of 100 high brass shells about 15 years ago. Still have most of em. Good god that thing's like hugging an angry mule.
Interesting, I've got a light O/U in 12 ga and don't find it at all objectionable, but it may also be that unlike the rifle, I'm shooting from a standing position.

It occurs to me that the recoil pads on all my guns are as old as they are, which in some cases is pre-1964....maybe a fresher pad would make 'em a bit more friendly.

Loading down is something I'm pondering eventually - supplies are in such short supply that getting data and materials to match is a challenge - and as a greenhorn at reloading, I'm not prepared to develop my own loads for obvious reasons.
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