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Originally Posted by cbolling View Post
I really like riding with an automatic.

I thing it would have a huge take rate on the Goldwing.

I think most Harley riders would like automatic transmissions too but I don't think their egos would let them go for it.
I think it depends on where you are... in life as well as in your riding style. I owned 9 Harleys over the years - with the wide powerband with those v-twins, shifting is part of the experience. One of my favorite bikes was a BMW RT - I really enjoyed carving up the canyon near our home, and I can't imagine going into and out of those curves without complete control of the gearing.

With a small motor, like most scooters, you'd be shifting all the time trying to keep that motor and RPMs happy. The automatic just works with what a scooter is all about.

There have been other automatic transmission motorcycles in the past, and they weren't a sale success. Honda is smart offering these 700s either way. I will be surprised if the automatic is a sales leader.

I think it is less about ego, and more about the experience. After 45 years of shifting motorcycles, my feet "twitched" on the scooter for the first few weeks.

I like the CVT on my scooter. I don't think I'd care for that on a motorcycle. But, I have never tried one. This Honda is a good-looking bike. Style counts. The "motorcycle experience" counts. It will be interesting to see how the sales stack up.

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