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Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
The Reflex frame is exactly the same as the TLR, and can be improved enormously by a few simple modifications. The set up you have on your bike currently, will make it more comfortable to ride, but will mean that the already poor steering/handling is a good deal worse. If you are not wanting to compete, it doesnt matter, but if you do I would suggest removing those risers and modifying top yoke to take fat bars.
The risers do take fat bars, which is why I put them on. The whole setup was pirated off my other bike, a KLX250. I know you can get real analytical about this because I've been down this road before with bicycles and such. Like they say it's a game of inches (they do say that don't they?).

Stock bar rise ~ 4.25"
Stock bar sweep ~ 2.5 "

ATV bar (pictured) rise ~ 4.75"
ATV bar (pictured) sweep ~ 2.41"
ATV bar (pictured) width ~ 31.5"

Trial Bar rise ~ 4-5"
Trials Bar Sweep (Renthal 673-01) ~ 2" or less.
Trials Bar width ~ 32.3"

So my ATV bars have about a half inch more sweep and are 1" narrower than a typical trials bar. In my current situation I don't see that as a big stumbling block. I mean, I can't even ride over a stumbling block. And since I work weekends competition is probably out. But I do want to learn to ride tight stuff, etc.

And I'll probably be getting a real trials bar. 4" or 5" rise? Dunno.

The risers - hmm. With the pegs where they are the risers put me in a more natural feeling standing position - still hunched over but not as much. The pegs are slated to be lowered and when that happens I'll look at shorter risers maybe. Probably?

It all comes down to steering geometry and weight balance, doesn't it? I didn't notice the plowing when the bars were low, I do when they are up and forward. I'm going to rotate them back an inch or so and experiment - but now the front tire won't hold air. Fun with outright junk indeed!

The good news is the little sucker fires up on the first (or second) kick even when it's cold. Runs a little rich but I'm at 7000' so that's no surprise. I think it's jetted pretty well for Utah riding.

And I acknowledge my noobness in these matter. With humility.
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