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Originally Posted by Gadget Girl View Post
My physical therapist!

When I was getting back into riding years ago, I asked my physical therapist what would be better for my back.

She replied that the recumbent position of a cruiser bike (which I was intending on getting) directs all of the road shock right up the spine. Think of all the old cruiser riders with back problems and kidney belts!

She then said that the more forward position of the sport touring style would actually work my back muscles and strengthen them!

After over a hundred thousand miles of pain free riding I am singing the praises of the sport touring bikes.

In fact, my ex took my advice and got himself a Ninja 650 for his commuter. He reports the same improvement in his back too!
+1 To this. I have mild scoliosis in my back nothing major but certain angles and positions cause it to flare up.

I can ride all day on my BMW r1150r without any discomfort, but if I spend more than an hour or so on my Vuclan 900 cruiser I develop some serious stiffness and pain.

Obviously everyone is different, but for me a slight forward position is much easier on my back.

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