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Originally Posted by AceFrehley03 View Post
I've been here before. In WA this can be a bitch.

Motor on down to the DMV, in person, and tell them the situation. In my experience they will attempt to notify previous owner that someone is trying to amend their title, since they technically own the bike and never "sold" it. Previous owner gets a said amount of time to contest it, and if nothing you'll get a new title.

I've heard some horror stories about going out of state for replacement titles, and wouldn't recommend that. If you want a clean title, you're going to have to jump through the hoops.

BUT. I would first call your local police department and give them the vin and license number, if it has one, and have them run it to see if it's flagged as stolen or whatever. Tell them it was left on your property by a previous tenant or whatever, you can't contact them and need a replacement title so you can legally deal with it. If it is flagged hot, which it sounds like it won't be, this can save you a huge amount of hassle. In some instances, they can dig up the previous owners info and provide it to you. Worth a try.

Thanks Ace
The PD call is a good idea, I will check that one out.
I am jost going to approach this one one step at a time.
It's a 73 xl 350 and I hope it all works out.
The owner's last phone # is D/C so It' s just a matter of time..
Thanks for your input.
I gotta get out for a ride, see ya
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