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Originally Posted by Mr_Chris
That's what happens when you pussy foot around and basically stop in front of an obstacle on mud and snow and road tyres..
I now know what you mean

Originally Posted by Mr_Chris
But hey, we all learned about the limits of road tyres the hard way I guess... I know I did...
All loaded up ready to go on a 400 mile weekend camping trip in the Yorkshire Dales...

This looks like a nice spot

add a few friends for company

Sat nav says the road turns left

unsuitable for motors??? whats the worst that can happen?


yep the only 6ft patch of mud for 10 miles

and I manage to fall off in it.

Next time I won't be stopping to assess the situation. (pussy foot around as you say)
I stopped short and in my mind I was thinking; this is my first time off the tarmac, this is a big heavy bike, these are essentially road tyres, oh and that mud look slippy, I am miles from anywhere, the fuel light is on, and I am on my own (everyone else decided to go to the pub, still not sure who had the best idea).
Ah well, not turning round for a small patch of mud... I dont know what made me think that the heavily cambered, really slippy centre of the road would be a good idea... I soon slipped off that into the car wheel rut and crashed into the grass bank at the side. A very slow speed fall.
After picking it back up, stopping to take the photos first of course, the hard packed gravel that was a bit unsettling for the first time, seemed like a walk in the park by comparison to the muddy hole I had just fallen off in. I relaxed into the rest of the ride and my speed slowly increased, and with it came a level of stability, and I was able to relax even more.
I am hooked, can't wait to find some more byways to fall off on again.
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