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Originally Posted by creighta View Post
where we are i was running equipment up this same stretch when i was eight. speed isnt major issue, only going a mile or so but 20mph is too slow; would like 45mph. the mopeds we have are actual mopeds-$30 ragged out slow mopeds that are currently used to run around on the farm.

maybe the original question should have been: From your experience what is the most durable, small cc scooter for short runs and frequent, non aggressive, off roading through fields? i like the rukus but they go for new prices, what else is out there that you have tried?

I just can't see any actual scooter being used off road, or even on semi rough dirt roads. They don't have the frame strength or suspension for it. It can be done, and has been done, but I don't know how long a scooter would last.

45 mph up a steep hill is going to take more power and better gearing than most 125-150cc scooters have. If it has to be automatic, you are going to need more engine displacement to maintain 45 mph up a steep hill. Neither my Vino 125 nor my Zuma 125 will do it, though the Zuma is not far off. Both are hampered by being geared too high for good climbing. I have heard the SYM HD200 will do it, but it's not a dirt bike.

I'm afraid I just don't know of any CVT driven scooter that will both maintain 45 mph up a steep hill, and be usable off road, and survive very long. Another issue with CVT scooters off road would be getting dirt into the variator. Mine have fiters, but they don't look like they would be very effective if actually used in the dirt.
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