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Originally Posted by GREY.HOUND View Post
I may have phrased my original post incorrectly. I wasn't trying to get into a what's better discussion, I just noted that when describing the big scooters, reviewers say they are too big and heavy. When describing motorcycles of the same weight, that is hardly the case.

Those of you with more experience than me, is there really a difference in perceived size between a 500 pound scooter and a 500 pound motorcycle?

Either way, it's always good to have some fat to chew.
Personally I just think it's bias. I've come across to many riders that don't feel a scooter is a "real bike". People ask "You take that on the highway???" "Where is the wind-up key?"

Hell, I've been asked various questions by people looking to buy a "mid range motorcycle." I ask them what they want and need...most times a scooter will meet those needs. Do they buy one? HELL NO!

I've nothing against any bike (well maybe Harley's but that's another story) but I do think the scooter gets knocked around a bit...if it's deserved or not.
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