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i'd say most bikers know about and respect scoots, although a few are trolls and will give you shit if they think you are too insecure. most of this perceived bias comes from non-riders (or once-a-year hd casuals) who see scoots as vespas or 50cc toy rides and nothng else. journalists are often a little too worried about their bona fides and, as a result, fill their scoot reviews with irritating caveats. of course a pcx150 isn't a fuckin' cbr600rr, schmucks!

when i post pictures of my bv on facebook, i ONLY get shit fom non-riders (well, and one gal with a sportster who is the very definition of a casual rider). "why do you ride that when you have a motorcycle" i get asked ad nauseum, to which i reliably reply "because it's fuckin FUN."

seriously, don't care, gotta ride. toolin' in town or commuting in stop/go? SCOOT TIME, bitches! headin' out over the pass? -- onto the big boy!

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