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Originally Posted by GREY.HOUND View Post
I may have mentioned it at some other time, but a co-worker asked me the other day if my scooter was "street legal" and "...but you can't take it on the freeway right?" When my buddy started laughing his ass off, she (my co-worker) turned bright red. So again, a bias that's for sure.

I was thinking about bias when reading reviews. Almost as though it is inherent that scooters are small and maneuverable. Therefore, the reviewers make it clear that a SWing/Burgman/BMW is not a 50cc Vespa.
There is a large difference in bias and ignorance-the girl lacked information(lack of such causes ignorance & we all have it in various directions) & was apparently asking for such, not a chance at getting embarrased. Read the mantra of Battle scooters,r.e., manhood & don't sweat the small stuff. Simply tell her about your scoot & move on? My wife (who has lived with a greasy guy for 40+ yrs has zero interest in such facts as what is freeway legal or fast or handles curves-we don't have any for one thing). I followed some friends on a mtn ride a few weeks ago and they ride 400/650 burgman & one on a neweer Harley(the quiet kind) and all but the HD guy also own ,BMW's, me on a BMW sport tourer & can assure you they corner decent at speed, nimble- no, fast enough, - yes & I don't even like that scoot, so I suppose that's bias for you-not liking them in spite of what they can do.
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