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Hello Everybody!!!
I am the proud new owner of a secondhand TDM 2008 ABS with 5000 Km. I am from Spain, Madrid. I love this bike but i have a small problem: my hands are small and I canīt take the left lever (clutch) with security because of this. The right one is adjustable but the left one no. I canīt find any adjustable levers for this model (under 100€) in internet, do you know a compatible model of yamaha that uses the same clutch lever so I could buy one or a complete adjustable set( clutch and brake)? (FJR 1300, FZS 600......Which year?

Thanks and Best Regards
Congratulations with your new TDM.
I also have small hands, and have problems gripping left handle. Take a look where where the wire goes out from the handle. Under the rubber cover, there is one big round nut, and one smaller screw. Unscrew the big one, screw the smaller one further in to the handle, and finally tighten the big one again. Check if you can reach the handle, squeeze and control the clutch. Try first without starting engine. Put it in first gear and check if you can disengage the engine with squeezing the lever (so you can push it in gear, using clutch). If it feels okay, start engine and try it out. Remember to check/tighten the big nut often.
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