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So right, Klav. The very characteristic you love about a scooter at low speed can be a liability at high speed. For example, a light scooter can't be beat for toodling around town, errands, gas mileage, etc. Take that same scooter on a touring trip where you might need to hop on a freeway for a few miles, and the lack of gravitas (weight) is a liability when a semi passes you going up hill in windy conditions (ask me how I know.) For that planted feeling in gusty conditions, you need weight and power. But that same weight and power are a liability if you head into a parking lot sloped downhill, and need to back up in order to get out.

Pick the bike for the majority of the riding you plan to do. No scoot is perfect for everything, though some do quite well at most everything.

I've taken my GT200 to Canada and back to San Diego, and for the most part it was perfect. There were a couple of spots where I wished I had a Burgman with more weight and power, so I bought one. Over time I realized that the Burgman was mostly sitting in the garage, since I really preferred the ride of the Vespa for 90% of my riding. So I *think* I'm done with larger, heavier bikes. I just plan my route accordingly, and when I'm in a place or condition where the light weight of the scoot is a liability, I realize that this too shall soon pass.

Someone who spends most of their touring time on open highways would likely prefer the Burgman and find their lighter scoot sitting for long periods of time. Like Gogogordy says, a butt for every saddle.
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