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I'm surprised you bought without riding them.

Bigger is not necessarily better. Once you get them moving they are all pretty easy to control. But riding also consisists of stops, parking, pulling up on a center stand, and sometimes some dirt roads and maybe even have to pick one up if you drop it.

I shopped and shopped, rode them all. Finally pretty much scratched off the liter-plus bikes because they were just too bulky for me. I think it also had to do with physical stature - I'm old and weak, 175lbs.

I would buy a Stelvio but just the thought of it being 200lbs more than my Tiger XC is too much to bear.

BTW, odd comment on the XC being looks the same as the roadie.

But alas, the Suzuki V-Strom is world reknowned for it's beauty.

Seriously, I think you made the right choice.
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