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I love scooters and own three. Three small ones, two 125s and one 150 (2 stroke Stella) They are definitely real bikes, and will take you anywhere in long enough time. They are small, nimble, and great for running around town. They keep up with city traffic fine. But, IMO, a maxi scooter does not have those qualities. They feel big, heavy, and awkward in town. I would not feel comfortable at all riding a Burgman 650 around town. I test rode one, and it actually felt less controllable at low speeds and in tight situations than my former Goldwing 1500. I'm sure it would be great out on the highway, but if you want great handling at slow speeds and heavy stop and go traffic, a mid sized motorcycle would be a lot better, especially a cruiser or the new CTX700. Very comfortable riding position, easy ton get both feet on the ground at stops, easy to see the front wheel and the area around it. You can even lean over and look under the bike because it is so narrow. Leaning the Burgman 650 over made it feel like I was going to drop it, and there was a slight wobble in the bars. I have no problem leaning a motorcycle over till parts drag.

IMO, sport bikes are not good for anything but the track, because of the pain their riding position causes. It's no fun at all riding 20 miles through city traffic with a red light every block, sitting their with most of your upper body weight on your arms. You also have to go through some contortions to get your feet off the pegs and on the ground, because the pegs are mounted so high and far back, your legs are all twisted up, and your toes point almost straight down, caught between the peg and the shifter on the left. Cruisers and scooters have similar riding positions, feet in front of you, and no weight on your arms. Very easy to take your feet off the flat pegs or floorboard and put them off the ground, and you can sit there and hold the bars forever without putting any strain on your arms and shoulders. I mentioned sport bikes because many people think there is nothing else as far as motorcycles go. They are commonly known anymore as simply "street bikes" while cruisers are still called cruisers.

I know for sure I would be way more comfortable on a Suzuki S40 (650 single cruiser) than a Burgman 650 around town, on the highway it would probably be the other way around.

So, for me, a small scooter or a mid sized motorcycle in town, or a maxi scooter or a mid sized motorcycle on the highway.

On the other hand, something like a GTS300 Super should also work fine city of highway. It's not so big that it would feel like the Queen Mary, which is what the Burgman 650 felt like to me. It's sheer size and weight made it very intimidating at slow speeds.
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