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Originally Posted by Geolander View Post
I'm just going to point out that if you don't live Colorado's front range you don't know cyclist traffic.. .

I got 4 words for you.. Deer Creek Canyon Road

Fuck cyclists.

I got no respect for some asshole that's so self important that his workout includes risking the lives of people around him. Get on a bike path or pay for fucking registration and insurance, gay boys.

Fuck em..

...Fuck em.
I'm finally here.

During a recent local bicycle event the riders were all over the road. There were road hogging pelotons all over a prime back country road and during one of the SAG stops the cyclists even blocked the lane I was riding my motorcycle on all the way to the centerline of the two-laned road. There was plenty of space off of the road near the Easy-Up for the SAG stop crew, but the majority of the pedal-pushers chose to block the road. I nearly stopped my motorcycle in order to cross the double-yellow safely. WTF????

These a-holes weren't about sharing the road; they were about imposing their definition of "Share the Road" on others. The arrogance was stunning!

After the ride I went to the local CHP office to voice my complaint. The officer informed me that the CHP was getting more complaints lately. I am now preparing to write letters to various authorities to further communicate my concern about the danger these folks pose.

I wouldn't have normally pursued this action, but I chose not to return down the most effected road because, if anything happened, I would be the one the legal system pursued since I was on the powered vehicle. It came down to the fact that I didn't feel safe. That was the first time...EVER!

I have now decided not to fund any charity for which bicyclists want donations. That's all I can do right now. If road cyclists don't care about my safety then I don't care about the cause/s of road cyclists. I'll give my money to causes directly and bypass arrogant jerks.

If you bicyclists are going to act like you're in passenger vehicles then use the road in a safe, legal manner, get insured and pay road use taxes like the rest of us.

Too sad...and still feeling bad about my change of heart...
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