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Originally Posted by erkmania View Post
I'm finally here.

During a recent local bicycle event the riders were all over the road. There were road hogging pelotons all over a prime back country road and during one of the SAG stops the cyclists even blocked the lane I was riding my motorcycle on all the way to the centerline of the two-laned road. There was plenty of space off of the road near the Easy-Up for the SAG stop crew, but the majority of the pedal-pushers chose to block the road. I nearly stopped my motorcycle in order to cross the double-yellow safely. WTF????

These a-holes weren't about sharing the road; they were about imposing their definition of "Share the Road" on others. The arrogance was stunning!

After the ride I went to the local CHP office to voice my complaint. The officer informed me that the CHP was getting more complaints lately. I am now preparing to write letters to various authorities to further communicate my concern about the danger these folks pose.

I wouldn't have normally pursued this action, but I chose not to return down the most effected road because, if anything happened, I would be the one the legal system pursued since I was on the powered vehicle. It came down to the fact that I didn't feel safe. That was the first time...EVER!

I have now decided not to fund any charity for which bicyclists want donations. That's all I can do right now. If road cyclists don't care about my safety then I don't care about the cause/s of road cyclists. I'll give my money to causes directly and bypass arrogant jerks.

If you bicyclists are going to act like you're in passenger vehicles then use the road in a safe, legal manner, get insured and pay road use taxes like the rest of us.

Too sad...and still feeling bad about my change of heart...
So lemme get this straight: you're peeved about ONE DAY out of 364 other sunny days you could ride that particular stretch of road?

...and we're back to that whole 'insurance etc' line are we? Despite pretty much 100% of the riders in that group DRIVING to get to the ride in... *gasp* a 4-wheeled motor vehicle?!

Who is entitled?!

Now, mind you, I don't disagree that people on 'those kinds' of rides are pretty well morons when it comes down to it. S'why I avoid 'those kinds' of rides like the plague.

...but condemning an entire group of people for the actions of a few? Well... it'd be like cars blaming DS bikes for the shit that squids on sportbikes do (wheelies in 80mph traffic, passing inappropriately in the mtns, speeding thru traffic, etc) and trying to run em over 'because MC riders are dangerous!'

...or even better: the rest of the MC world condemning Hardley riders for those rollling roadblocks that are in the left lane going UNDER the speed limit, or rolling slowly up in the mountains.

That just wouldn't be right, now would it?!

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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