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Originally Posted by Jimmy the Heater View Post
I have a MEGA forged lower that I'm looking to finally build into a long range benchrest type AR. Not for competition, just Coyotes at up to 600 yards.

I already have a 16" Carbine so looking to go to the other end of the spectrum with this one.

Want to stay with 223 so I don't have to reload another caliber.

Need recommendations for a single stage trigger....want a good one but I also don't want to drop $500 on it either. Jewell? JT?

Thinking a 24 inch 1/8 twist to handle heavier bullets? Just guessing here

Are all AR15 bolt carriers pretty much the same?

Basically trying to get close to this pic found on
Cabelas has a 22" upper that looks a bit like that
Originally Posted by garandman
If you posted a thread on Face Plant that you crashed because an eagle attacked your helmet, you'd get five people saying how you should know better than to paint your helmet _________ and another five who will suggest you should have taken the MSF Eagle Avoidance course. Then another five will say the Eagle Avoidance Course sucks....
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