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Originally Posted by Reposado1800 View Post
The 690 is the hot bipolar stripper bitch that is hot in the sack one day and trying to cut your balls off the next day.
After seeing what it did to fishfund in Africa I would never take one seriously. WR250R/X is where its at.
Originally Posted by Reposado1800 View Post
It was.the doohickey.
Fishfunds bike was continually breaking down. No need to repeat that nightmare.
I agree. That Fishfund report really put me off the 690 ... and it was backed up by Colebatch's riding partner Rod and his 4 months of constant problems on his KTM 690 ... where he was frequently towed.

That Fishfund Luke is a bit of an idiot ... and no mechanic. So I can see him missing some basic maintenance things and screwing up some attempted "repairs", so I cut the 690 slack for some of this. But as mentioned, his problems were varied and never seemed to stop. No wonder those guys bailed the Hell out of Africa on that ride. Funny, the bike got fixed and sold ... and in capable hands has done a major problem free tour. (Ronin)

Rod, Colebatch's partner is a very experienced rider/mechanic. The fuel pump issues (and other problems) pulled his chain for months.

Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
You should see what South America did to Striking Vikings KLR. One ride report does not a bike make.
Was the other way around ... it was what the Viking did to his KLR
You should not blame the KLR for an owner who knew nothing about maintenance and made so many mistakes with his bike. Glen learned A LOT ... eventually ... but at that time was a NOOB regards the care and feeding of the KLR. This was his first tour after being a Hell's Angel. Not much dual sport experience starting off.

I remember reading his original posts here and couldn't believe how many times he screwed up and did not catch shit I KNEW was going to bite him.
And it DID! You could see this early on in Mexico. As the trip went on he learned and got better. Then he got kidnapped and everything changed.

On later tours, with his F650 he did MUCH better and really stayed ahead on maintenance. Not so on that very first tour with the KLR.
KLR's have some problems but if properly prepped and cared for, they are pretty bullet proof. Dozens of KLR RTW ride reports prove that point.

The KTM 690?
No thanks.
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