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Cleaning a nasty engine

Howdy all,

I just purchased a side-kick for my DR650. A 1998 VTR1000. I will be going through a restoration process on this bike over the next few months. Everything works, but she's a victim of neglect.

I realized after removing the fairing that there is a lot of nasty road dirt, tar, dust, etc. all over the engine (mainly the front behind the wheel). I was thinking to myself that "Old's Cool" would be the perfect place to find out how to remove this stuff. It's really stuck on there... and I want to do an initial cleaning just to find out where all the leaks are.

Can you learned folks tell me what is best to deep clean the engine? I have read everything from Simple Green to PineSol to Oven Cleaner. I an reticent to use some of the heavy duty stuff because of all the aluminum bits on the bike. Any advice would be appreciated.
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