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Bigger is not necessarily better. Once you get them moving they are all pretty easy to control. But riding also consisists of stops, parking, pulling up on a center stand, and sometimes some dirt roads and maybe even have to pick one up if you drop it.
+1. After a Tiger 955 and a Tenere I came full circle back to a 650. For my local urban/suburban riding, backroads, and twisties, less is more provided it has a basic amount of torque.

I think there is an advertising problem with the S10 since I see so many low mileage ones for sale. For me, I kind of believed the hype that its a do-it-all bike, but now that I think back on it, it really is a purpose-built, long-distance, serious ADV touring machine, and comes into its own fully loaded up going 80 mph into the horizon day after day, and it will treat you well on gravel or dirt roads if your trip requires it. If you actually do that stuff, you will love it and be able to rely on it for tens of thousands of miles without any trouble. And yes, there are YouTube videos of expert riders thrashing them off-road for a day (see how reliable it is if you do that on a regular basis). If you are buying it thinking its a swiss-army knife with more horsepower, you will probably be putting it up for sale before too long. It is just too much weight for picking up, back into parking spots, stop n go traffic, and rolling down that trail that keeps getting narrower and narrower. Even if you are strong/skilled enough to handle that, its not always fun to be wrestling the bike (or worrying about smashing you $14k ride) instead of enjoying the ride.
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