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At the risk of offending everyone involved....

Why you didn't you stuff Mr Stain into the Ural and drive him closer to help?

A couple of reasons to ask this:
The road looks in reasonable condition so shouldn't be too uncomfortable to travel on.
He's a paramedic so should be able to splint the leg reasonably, equally I appreciate he's in the best position to decide what the best course of action is.
It sounds like there was a long wait for help, could that have been shortened?

The primary reason I ask this that over the last few years (as we age, most of my riding buddies are in their late 50's) I have been involved in incidents resulting in broken collar bones, feet, ankles etc usually in remote places. Our general solution has been to ride the patient out as they were capable of doing that rather than waiting 6 hours for an airlift. Again, I realise there is a point where you can't ride out and I'm interested in your opinion of this particular incident so I can store away your experience in my memory banks for when we need it next (probably the end of May, big off-road meeting in our central mountain area ).

Hope your feeling better, looked like a great place to ride.
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