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Originally Posted by George 99 View Post
Woodenveins, good to have ya back in the fold. (Dirt bikes fall down too, so careful on the road!)

This is totally unnecessary and a waste of virtual space I already had the pic as my wife wanted it. This is my ol' 91 ST1100, STick. I've owned her for almost 20 years (Oct, 2013) and have put on the majority of her 210,135 miles, She had 23,000 when I got her in '93.

Took this pic on Sunday evening, just after 6PM MS (That's Pacific Fast time for those of ya who have to change yur clocks. )

I had just pulled into the garage after a 700 mile drone from Fort Sumter, NM to Kingman. Conclusion of a 25 day, 9700 mile trip all over the country side. Moonshine, IL; Aurora, IL; St. Anthony, IN; Ootewah, TN; Austin, TX; Key West, FL; Marysville, GA (look it up, neat town); Savannah, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Charleston; Lawrenceville, GA; Stecoah, NC; Thodosia, MO; Aubrey, TX; Olney, TX; Lubbock, TX; Fort Sumner, NM; home.

(The whole purpose of this trip was to get a 'burger at Moonshine. It became more than that. )

It looks like it would have been very easy to pop a wheelie with all the load on the back. I would definitely have saddle sores after a trip like that. Most of my journeys away from home will probably be one day trips but I can see myself someday taking a really long one day trip in the near future. I love riding in the mountains of Virginia with all the twists and curves. Where I live I can go north and I'm in mountain territory and if I go south I'm in alot of flatland. Haven't went south yet but I would like to go around the Asheville area when I do plan a two or three day trip.
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