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Originally Posted by Gundy View Post

I think there is an advertising problem with the S10 since I see so many low mileage ones for sale. For me, I kind of believed the hype that its a do-it-all bike, but now that I think back on it, it really is a purpose-built, long-distance, serious ADV touring machine, and comes into its own fully loaded up going 80 mph into the horizon day after day, and it will treat you well on gravel or dirt roads if your trip requires it. If you actually do that stuff, you will love it and be able to rely on it for tens of thousands of miles without any trouble. And yes, there are YouTube videos of expert riders thrashing them off-road for a day (see how reliable it is if you do that on a regular basis). If you are buying it thinking its a swiss-army knife with more horsepower, you will probably be putting it up for sale before too long. It is just too much weight for picking up, back into parking spots, stop n go traffic, and rolling down that trail that keeps getting narrower and narrower. Even if you are strong/skilled enough to handle that, its not always fun to be wrestling the bike (or worrying about smashing you $14k ride) instead of enjoying the ride.
And that is what YAMAHA officially said, but it can get you through some serious stuff but that is not its primary function. It's just that if you have to get through it, it can and better than most people will give it credit for. It is an all roads touring bike primarily and as I found out a couple of weeks ago, some of them roads can be pretty bad and go for 500Km of pretty bad. Once I got over my Oh shit assumptions it was OK.

As I have always said though, the 650-900cc area is plenty enough power for anything legal, it's just that people seem to respond more to easy numbers like capacity and HP rather than "what is really necessary" for 99% of riding.

The Glee has a great motor for the real world, and if they did a more off road biased chassis with top notch suspension I would have been in there at 40% more RRP. They won't though, because they have painted them selves into the value end of the spectrum ATM. Best value out there on OZ though.

They have stuck to their guns and it seems to be working for them. Aprillia have a good 550 motor as well which would be nice to see in a full size tough chassis, but it seems it's all Enduro at the moment.

Best thing though is the choice we have now in "sensible" bikes. It's a lot easier now to find something to suit off the floor.
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