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Originally Posted by Crisis management View Post
At the risk of offending everyone involved....

Why you didn't you stuff Mr Stain into the Ural and drive him closer to help?

A couple of reasons to ask this:
The road looks in reasonable condition so shouldn't be too uncomfortable to travel on.
He's a paramedic so should be able to splint the leg reasonably, equally I appreciate he's in the best position to decide what the best course of action is.
It sounds like there was a long wait for help, could that have been shortened?
No offense taken, all fair questions.

The road was actually much worse than it looked in the photos. Travelling out in the ambulance was like travelling over the 7 layers of hell, and that was after 15-20mg of Morphine and 2mg of Versed.

I considered the splinting, but when I started moving I could tell right away that I was dealing with an unstable, closed fracture. Additionally, when I wound up on the ground I was laying on the affected side. Even the slightest movement caused a pain scale of 10/10. There would be no way that I could have been splinted well enough to be put in the Ural Chair and be driven out without causing more damage.

The wait could have been shortened if someone had decided to do a LifeFlight launch to the scene. However, Policy states that either an Ambulance or Medical First Response Fire Crew must be on scene to order the launch. The VERY rural fire department didn't think that a landing was possible. Therefore, no Chopper till the Critical Care Transport.

Originally Posted by Crisis management View Post
The primary reason I ask this that over the last few years (as we age, most of my riding buddies are in their late 50's) I have been involved in incidents resulting in broken collar bones, feet, ankles etc usually in remote places. Our general solution has been to ride the patient out as they were capable of doing that rather than waiting 6 hours for an airlift. Again, I realise there is a point where you can't ride out and I'm interested in your opinion of this particular incident so I can store away your experience in my memory banks for when we need it next (probably the end of May, big off-road meeting in our central mountain area ).

Hope your feeling better, looked like a great place to ride.
I think that when I'm back riding again I will be carrying a much better First Aid kit. Mind you, narcotic pain meds aren't going to be in the mix, but certainly will be including some Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Given where we were, and the nature of the injury, I don't know if there would be anything we could have done differently. Had I been the responder, I may have pushed a little harder for a landing site to have the patient (in this case, me) airlifted from the scene. However, that day, it was not my call.

If the person can be moved towards Medical Care SAFELY, I have no problem with that. However, you must be cognisant of any possible neuro-vascular damage that you may do by not splinting or immobilizing properly. Again, if you look at the X-ray pic in post 1, you can see that there are multiple fractures. Mine was not a simple case.

I would recommend that more than one of you be trained in Wilderness First Aid or someone look at taking an EMT-Basic program to supplement any existing training you may have.

Hope this helps. I should be posting a bit of an update tomorrow. Ortho Clinic first thing in the afternoon.
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