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Easy guys. I haven't gotten to the airbox yet. The last few days have been spent getting my KLR back on the road after way too long. Runs great and feels good.

So, I decided to swap my front sprocket for a 10T. I ordered one from B&J, it showed up, I removed the sprocket cover expecting to find two bolts holding the sprocket on, and I see this:

Huh? What maner of wrench gets this thing off?

The question is sort of moot for now because if you look you'll see that this front sprocket is already a 10T. Oh. Je sui bonehead. Looks like I need a bigger back sprocket, or a 9T, in which case I'll eventually have to deal with this odd nut arrangement.

So what's up with this?
The OE sprocket has been removed at some stage, and a smaller one fitted, which means the OE retainer no longer fits. To fit a smaller sprocket you need a spacer (still supplied by Honda) to take up the space of the OE retainer, and a circlip to take the place of the mangled mess holding your sprocket on currently. I would guess you should be able to get both items from Bob at B&J. For trials use, its worth looking at 9-44 but you may need to go larger on the rear, as you will be losing a fair amount of power if you are at 7000ft. Bob might also be able to help with a KN filter element to replace your stock flame trap/foam arrangement, which will be less restrictive and mean a little more power.
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