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Originally Posted by X11-MAN View Post
Take it easy out there !!!

..... some folk should not have a licence ..many blind or no idea !!!!!

Enjoying your photos / reports..know all the roads well
Yeah when you're that far across and it's not because you're distracted it's maybe time to hang up the driving gloves.

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Wasnt driving a purple nissan micra was she, thats par for the course for myopic old folk down here
I would've fancied my chances against a Micra. She was in a great big bloody Merc. I would've had no chance!

Originally Posted by Rango View Post
Reminds me of "Arsenic and Old Lace".
Those were the nicest possible elder ladies.

Watch your top!
Hah! I had to look that up.


So Tuesday was to be the week's only sunny day. Because I'm such a great guy, I called my girlfriend to cancel our plans so I could go out on the bike. Priorities.

I had thought I might go to Inveraray as I hadn't been for a while and not on the Honda. The road through Rest and Be Thankful would be great for the video camera. As it turned out my step dad (Bob) and my mum were heading to Dunkeld and asked if I'd join them. So I went there instead. Riding with someone else is a double edged sword with me. It's good to have someone to talk to (and buy lunch, thanks Bob!) but it also means that my usual habit of jumping off the bike to take photos every hundred yards can't really happen. I haven't been out with anyone for ages though so it was nice to shake things up a bit.

As I mentioned earlier there was a pretty close call quite early on when an old woman drifted onto the wrong side of the road. TBH I would've probably been better off just heading home at that point because I was pretty annoyed about it and started getting annoyed with anyone who came close to touching the white line from then on. At one point later on I peeped at a guy in a van who had strayed over when he was about a hundred yards away from me. Normally I wouldn't really bother about it but after the incident with the old lady I was letting it get to me. But we'll get to that.

Two minutes after the crazy old lady, I saw my first ever wild Hare. Two in fact. Apparently they're usually nocturnal but play about in fields in the spring, which is exactly where I saw the both of them. I might've taken pics here but chances are they'd have disappeared by the time I go the stuff out anyway.

As we turned off the road to head to Dunkeld, we saw signs that informed us that the road we wanted to use would be shut. We could still go to Dunkeld but it'd mean heading to the city of Perth and then north on the A9 (a very busy, dull and quite dangerous (because of the first two bits) road). If we carried on the road we were on though we were going through the Sma Glen. I've been here before and have a load of photos away near the start of the thread so I knew it was one I wanted to film. So I set up the camera while mum and Bob decided where to go. They decided on Aberfeldy.

So this is how it went:


So with the video going we headed to Aberfeldy. Here are some of the screen grabs from the video camera on the way.

Sma Glen:

As much as I was enjoying myself here, the incident with the old lady was playing on my mind. I was going much slower than I usually do (even for me) and found myself lagging behind Bob several times (bearing in mind he's two up on a 30 year old bike) to the point he was pulling in to let me catch up. So I was now holding them back as well. I really needed to have a break so Aberfeldy would be welcome.

Road to Aberfeldy:

Turns out I'd never been to Aberfeldy. Not that I could remember anyway, I might've been taken there as a child. It was a pleasant place to sit and have a juice in the sun anyway.


"The Wheel Mill" where we ate.

We decided to go our seperate ways on the road home. I knew I'd just end up doing the same thing again and holding them back so I went via Killin. At least back there I'd be on familiar roads again.

Before that though I was heading to Kenmore and Loch Tay. I had never been on this road but it was quite nice. Not enough to get me off my bike though so you can tell it wasn't spectacular!

Kenmore is a great wee place. I haven't seen it on a sunny Saturday in July mind you but it's always so quiet and peaceful. The perfect place to relax by the water.


The Beach

The pub and Castle gate

The view across the Loch from the bridge

I probably should have stopped and relaxed but pressed on instead. As I mentioned earlier I was not in a great mood and it was affecting my riding. Not a great situation to put yourself in. It was on this road alongside Loch Tay that I peeped at the van driver for crossing the line (I'm sure he'll survive but I was losing my temper). Looking back at the footage now that I'm all calm, the moment where he was across the line was so far away you can barely see it. The other incidents that happened were also pretty minor but when you're on edge like that you over think them.

Here's one where someone in a Fiat 500 (I think) crossed over the line. A non-event really but when you're on the lookout for these things you notice and remember them more.

Wide Fiat:

And then this one later on. That small sign at the road entrance completely blocked the driver's view of me approaching and when I noticed it, I had a wee moment where I thought he was coming out in front of me. Thankfully he ducked his head and stopped.


The van/horn thing was about 30 seconds after that so my heart hadn't had a chance to slow down.

Anyway here's some more of the road next to the Loch.

Loch Tay:

At the end of Loch Tay is Killin, which you and I have seen a million times. I didn't stop.


Again, I should have though. My concentration was all over the place. I left my indicator on for about a mile through Glen Ogle and still didn't realise when a biker sat in front of me flicking his indicators on and off. D'oh!

Then much further down the road when I was leaving Lochearnhead, I was over taking a guy in his 4x4. He had been dawdling all the way through Glen Ogle (even by my standards) so I went round him when we reached a nice big open road. As I moved out to pass he floored it, making sure I'd have to really go for it to get past. This was a guy that had been driving at 40mph for the previous 10 minutes.

At this point I did stop. The guy forcing me to stay on the wrong side of the road was too much. If I didn't stop and chill for a while I'd either kill someone else or myself. So I stopped in Strathyre, and sat by a bridge watching the river flow under it and a horse in the field across the water.

It did the trick and the ride home from here was much more like it.


I do wish I'd had the video running when a guy skipped the lights coming back into Falkirk though. He was so late getting through that cars that had got a green light after his had turned red and had moved off from a standstill got to the road he wanted to go down before him. I suppose the theme of the day was poor driving so it was a fitting end.
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