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I came home from my road trip yesterday. Here is the conclusion to my little adventure. I loaded up the Land Cruiser and headed North from Austin on Saturday the fourth. Drove up HWY 281 through my old home town of Hamilton and check out some of my old haunts. While the CCC swimming pool still looks good the town streets are in terrible shape. This was also the case going through a lot of small towns in Oklahoma as well. I spent the night in Lawton OK with a friend and we changed the tranny fluid and filter in the cruiser and made grunting sounds. Sunday it was on to Manhattan and the Flint Hills of Kansas. I arrived at Bugsy’s house and jumped on my “new” bike for the first time.

Soon after we headed down the “Aggieville” down by K State to drink some IPA’s and eat some great burgers at “Kites”. Manhattan is a really nice little town. The next morning Bugsy fabed up a kickstand mount for his DT400 while I got the know the XL riding around the neighborhood.

Then we headed out to ride!

We rode around the Pillsbury Crossing area. It was a mix of mostly dirt roads with paved connecting roads.

I didn’t take a lot of pics as I was pretty busy just riding the bike!

Bugsy and the DT. Yes, I was huffing some two stroke during the ride.

Later in the afternoon we were on a dirt road and came to a corner that lead down to a bridge that was being worked on. A lot of construction vehicles had been using the road and it was pretty deep in gravel and dirt. Bugsy was 100 yards or so ahead of me. I slowed down and was entering the corner and BAM! Yup. I hit the dirt like a deer on opening day. Somehow my front tire washed out and I went down on my left. It happened so quick I found myself sliding for 15 feet or so and all I could think was WTF happened?! That was the quickest crash I’ve ever been in. I got up, shook myself off a little and turned the bike off. About the time I was picking up the bike Bugsy came roaring up. He checked me and the bike out and after some discussion about my shoulder we decided it was time to call it a day. I found out pretty quick on the way back that my handlebars were crooked but I was able to ride no problem. Have to admit there was a little pucker factor on the ride home.

Time for an ice pack and a Rum drink!

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