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Originally Posted by Kiko View Post
$800 for the Tiger import is dirt cheap. I would have guessed $2500+. Just curious, did they ask you what you paid for the Tiger and if so, what was your answer?

Edit: My atty in Mexico called me today and said he has my permanente card in hand, five months to the day after my application. Nothing was happening until I went to two hearings in Guadalajara. He submitted 150 visa applications with mine in December and only three have been approved thus far.
We had no hearings, just a questionnaire. It was pretty easy, most of it was done on-line before we went to the office in Hermosillo.

As for the bike, the broker never asked for a sales price, I gave him the year, the model and the VIN over the phone and he e-mailed the cost back to me. The bike is at $5k +- in the NADA book and 38% of that is $1900. The guy may be playing bait and switch or he may just have screwed up and sent a bad figure. Nothing to pursue until we have the cards. BTW, the price to import the 05 Suburban was quoted at $980 and the 97 Expedition at $880. I'll pay $800 in a heartbeat but if he left a digit off and it's $1800 I will have to think about a NAFTA sourced bike. I think I'll shoot him an e-mail and I'll start checking on what Honda, Suzuki, Kawi and Yamaha models are built/assembled in the USA.

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