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Originally Posted by broncobowsher View Post
OK, got some online photo storage.
Weather was perfect for a wonderful evening and had a roll of construction ribbon that was given to me. So I set up a few mini sections in my partially landscapped back yard. (snip)

Disaster every time. While the dirt is packed fairly tight it is just loose enough to turn to marbles when you try to do anything on it. I would wash out one tire or the other every time. I couldn't even paddle my way through this.

Spent the rest of the evening weaving around all the trees and other trash in the back yard until dark. Nice way to wind down the evening.
All I can say is, Rome wasn't built in a day, Bou didn't start riding trials in the past 5 years. all those "sayings" except the "if it was easy everyone would do it" that one is just wrong, there really isnt anything easier on a motorcycle, than learning to ride trials, on a getting to be less than a 150lb motocycle... Just sayin

Practice, practice, my padiwan, look for teachers of our sport, everyone wants to show you what they know, help out. make sure you practice and listen to the people that know the RIGHT WAY. once you get past the muscles your brain will apply it to everything trials, as long as we're doing it right to begin with.

It takes weeks per hour you have invested in doing it wrong, for a lot of people, and constant "for example" me bitching at them to stop it, LOL.
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